About Us

We are a new VAT registered textile business with years of experience in the background in large composite textile industry and engineering, transforming your comfort needs into a modern reality with our top-notch quality products. We are West Midlands based soft textiles manufacturing business aiming to fulfil the market demand in and around the Midlands area and for those selling online.  A visit to our site is welcome to give our valued customer an inside view to know more about the products they are dealing with on daily basis. This can help our bulk buyer to satisfy their customer queries in more detail and to educate them what they are paying for and value for money.

Our produced are stuffed with 100% hollow conjugated and slick polyester fibre to give our products a boost, loft and bounce back effect and to enhance its life span. We don’t use mixed, regenerated or recycled fibre to ensure that our product quality is not compromised. If you believe in selling high quality products then this is the place for you to put your trust on us. Our slick fibre is fire retardant and fully compliant with British standards BS5852:P2 and as a matter of fact, this type of polyester hollow fibre is very popular choice amongst the end user in the United Kingdom and EU.

Our filling line is capable of processing polyester fibre up to 250Kg per hour to meet the bulk demands. Preset product weight is automatically & electronically controlled on our modern machinery and our oscillating fill method ensures even and smooth filling within the product to produce uniform quality every time.

 We are currently producing a range of different products in different sizes and shapes i.e. square cushions, round cushions, U-shaped pillows, V-shaped pillows, bolster body pillows and dog beds. Our special care products can be useful for your orthopaedic, pregnancy, nursing, maternity needs or many other daily life use for example while studying, e-socialising, internet surfing or just relaxing.  If you have any special size or shape related enquiry please get in touch with us to discuss the available options as we are always there to support your business. We believe in the fact that IF YOU GROW WE GROW.